ARUMI is a high-end footwear brand, with a collection that ranges from sneakers and light weight footwear to hunting and mountaineering boots readapted for city use. Arumi is all about the product. The ambition is to produce the highest quality artisan goods with an exceptional level of comfort, with progressive and innovative designs as well as sharply executed takes on classic footwear styles. All Arumi shoes are made in Italy at the Calzaturificio Bernacchini 1905 in  Corridonia. This small town is in the Marche region, widely regarded as one of the most dominant areas for production and research for technical and high performance footwear. Arumi draws on the region’s rich heritage in order to create a modern and innovative product built on the foundation of performance-driven production methods. All parties, from design to development to production, are committed to making a product of the highest quality. As a vertically integrated private company centralized under one roof, Arumi is in a unique position to work with the world’s most high-end leathers and materials. The price does not dictate the material, the material decides the price.