Is designed by Betty Coppi, who has always had a true love affair with graphic arts, painting and illustration. Curious and passionate, she is known within the fashion industry for her unique vision and dynamic personality.

After having spent over 25 years working as a trustable fashion designer for brands such as Byblos, Prada, Tod’s, Iceberg and Bikkembergs, she decided to run her own label, scrambled_ego, starting with a small, one of a kind and precious, capsule collection. “More talent, less ego”, “Style is not fashion”, “Oser sans poser”, these are some of the slogans which nourish the scrambled_ego brand essence. The aim has been to conjugate couture and coolness, quality and irony, details and colors, timeless and nowness just in one item.


MOU - ACROPOLIS (Toyama City) | MIMMA NINNI CONCEPT (Bari) | LA VENTANA (Safat) | RIVER QUEEN (Prato) | KIWI BOUTIQUE (Cesenatico) | BOUTIQUE MARA (Ioannina - Grecia) | SAUVAGE (Almaty) | F. PEOPLE (Kazan) | 519 (Verona) | ELITE (Marbella)