Effortlessly fuses an unconventional sense of eastern heritage, artistry and folklore with western couture disciplines, resulting in a collection of exceptionally tailored separates in sleek, distinctively modern silhouettes and finished with chic opulent touches.

SACHIN and BABI  a duo design team whose formative years were steeped in quality craftsmanship due to a long-standing family legacy in garment manufacturing. Hailing from New York city, these talented artisans received an early education in sartorial elegance from their family. An inimitable fashion rebel intent on producing bespoke articles of clothing. The designer’s unique aesthetic – marrying classic construction, minimalist silhouettes and rich detailing – was honed at the Parson School of Designe in NYC.


excelsor - milano | Etoile - dubai | harvey nichols - london | harvey nichols - Istanbul | harvey nichols - kuwait | donne - cagliari | avanti - jeddah | aizel - moscow | saks - alamty | the swank -hong kong | per lei - doha