Is a strong ability in captivating trends and a young and motivated team. These are the winning cards of MARCOBOLOGNA whose first moves began in a particular moment in history.

MARCOBOLOGNA is a fashion brand born in 2012 and created by Marco Giugliano and Nicolò Bologna in partnership with the Grazia Bagnaresi Group. It’s a simple mix of continuous new inputs such as pop , abstract  and contemporary art. The outcome: a Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines capable of inexorably catching the public interest and attention and acknowledging MARCOBOLOGNA as one the most intriguing brands of the moment. By choosing MARCOBOLOGNA clothes people know they can express themselves freely, with a touch of a personal creativity altogether.


G&B (Brescia) | D'ANIELLO (Aversa | ELEONORA BONUCCI (Viterbo) | L'INDE LE PALAIS (Bologna) | ZITA (Fabiani) | SUITE 43 (Bitonto) | AVANT GARDE (Andria) | JEAN PIERRE BUA (Barcelona) | ELITE (Marbella) | PRET A PORTER (Baku) | RARE MARKET (Seoul) | NORDSTROM (Dallas) | RENT THE RUNWAY (New York) | BOSCO DEI CILIEGI (Moscow)