This collections are the result of accurate research, brave experiments and unusual juxtapositions. Elegant and feminine items rooted in the underground culture and now part of a chic and well-researched world.

A design characterized by certainties and defined volumes, elegant as well as shameless details. A pure and delicate line, characterized by a perfect wearability, by trendy forms and important details that make a difference. Each item is designed on mannequin and directly prototyped in the atelier in Milan. All items are designed and made in Italy. The concrete approach of Italian tailoring meets the research of innovative and refined materials with an eye towards avant-garde shapes and pure fashion. The soul of the product and the brand identity have to be searched into the attention to raw materials, to manufacturing and research. The brand suggests to face the challenge without fear, with the awareness that the change, quicker than ever, is the only pivot around which any project rotates.