is a passionate and exclusive  collection that differentiates itself thanks to its creations for people who instinctively choose the extraordinary things in life.

This strong belief paved the way to what has become today’s international lifestyle brand URBAN LES HOMMES designed by Bart Vandenvoch and Tom Notte. All their collections can be seen as works of art and stand for nobility and perfection.  URBAN LES HOMMES is a tribute to fashionable individuals who are craving to make their inner desires become reality.


VERSO (Antwerpen) | JEAN PIERRE BUA (Barcelona) | VISIONA (Palermo) | MIENTUS (Berlin) | TESSABIT (Como) | M STORE (Milano) | MAISON B (Bisceglie) | MARIO D'ANNA (BARI) |D 1 - D’ANIELLO (Anversa) | MARIO D'ANNA (Caserta) | BUGATTI (Dubai) | POKROVSKY PASSAGE WEDA (Ekaterenbirg) | HARVEY NICHOLS (Londra) |