Is a creative meeting that blends crossed backgrounds to give rise to an innovative project: a footwear line dedicated to a modern women.

LEMAT has a very clear and powerful identity, already tangible by the presence of jewels and applications on sneakers. Jewels are almost indestructible, a synonym of strong and visceral bonds, as between classic and modern, futuristic and glamourous wear. The brand is doubtless based on the freshness. In fact, there is an image which summarizes the ductility and the visionary quality of the stylist, that is the jewel that, as a segmented eye dances from one object to another, from one color to another, from an idea to the future, with innate and sparkling passion. The LEMAT sneakers are the brands interpretation of a product category, imperative for everyday life.


MAX MODA (Sochi) | CONTINENTAL (Karlovy Vary) | SAUVAGE (Almaty) | PERSONA GRATA (Tula) | SHOP ANN (Odessa) | 51 EAST (Doha) | ROSA COSOLA BOUTIQUE (Bari)