LE TONERRE is a brand that was born in 2015 and quickly spread onto the Italian and international markets thanks to a successful formula: Great sense of craftsmanship and an accurate attention to structural details and fabric selection.

The soul of the product and the brand identity are shown in its use of sofisticated materials, it’s manufacturing and research. An important source of inspiration for the designer, since his first collection, is the passion he  expresses through remarkable details that make his creativity easily recognizable. What gives an unforgettable taste of romantic use to his creations is the attention to details, and those little ‘’intentional mistakes’’ make unique and precious each garment. The collection fully expresses the designers high vision and original mixes, which convey the incredibly balanced image of an impalpable creature, dreamer of times gone by, with a romantic soul and timeless elegance. The designer of this brand si TONY RANALLI.