The brand was created in 2015 inspired by historical vintage parkas in their original army green color cotton shells, internally lined with rabbit, fox, beaver and mink furs.

The unique combination of vintage inspired shapes with luxurious, colorful furs soon attracted the attention of the fashion elite, who spontaneously endorsed the brand. The brand has now evolved from parkas to encompass a broader range of apparel all 100% made in Italy by the finest artisans; men and women lines are now clearly separated. F66MILANO items are today’s must haves, displayed in the very best shops around the world. F66MILANO is not only a brand; it is a philosophy of life, it is passion and pursuit of the excellence in simplicity. Thanks to all this, every single detail of F66MILANO products achieves the highest quality standards on the market. F66MILANO is a synonym of quality and simplicity. In order to obtain the best possible results we combined the handcrafted knowledge with the most sophisticated technology, the historical research with the originality of design.