Born with the ”Fur Revolution” claim, FURSFOREVER is bound for couture fashion, thanks to a remarkable evolution that made the brand a total look focusing on Made in Italy and on special materials, such as Fur and Leather.
Fur, symbol of luxury and elegance, becomes an adaptable, original and contemporary garment. “Fur Revolution” is colour and details combined with unusual dry goods. Fur turns into an easy-to-wear for a cosmopolitan woman who loves living the daily routine without renouncing to her style. Geometrical lines wedge in a colour harmony, where determined volumes and materials wink at a woman that is projected to a future dimension between dream and real life; success and ambition; power and whispered sensibility. It seems to simulate the ultra-earthly bright wave, thanks to plain and metallic colour block effects. FURSFOREVER is an everyday life concept: the fur is not more associated to “important” events, it becomes a garment with fashion references..