Excellence, research and innovation are the dna of this outwear collection. Producing a “well made” coat is not enough to be a leading player in the market.

This new co-branding between the two designers of this glamourous brand AU JOUR LE JOUR and COLMAR has created a new style and a  fresh vision in the fashion world. Studying the details has become a philosophy; high technology is the value added to a sartorial outerwear and skiwear concept that never ignores the past. Thanks to research and innovation, increasingly high-performance textiles are constantly being introduced. Revolutionary production processes

operate alongside traditional methods, while particularly innovative machines perform heat-bonded taping and ultrasound stitching: these methods allow the use of extremely fine down, the prestigious double emblem of handmade products and pieces made without traditional stitching. It is a new way of thinking about manufacturing that guarantees a level of excellence that is not just a target to be achieved, but is the very essence of the AJLJ for COLMAR garment.